October 25, 2011

MOVIE: 50/50

I don't recall the last time I watched a movie in theaters that made me do the ugly-tear- rolling-down-the-face cry.  YES – 50/50 starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (love, love, love), Seth Rogen (hilarious), Anna Kendrick (adorable), and Anjelica Huston (legend) is my favorite movie this year.  A comedic story about true friendships, unexpected love, relatable family issues, and human behavior will give you a dose of Love, Humor, and Hope.  WARNING: Don't get startled if you do the ugly cry.        

October 24, 2011

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DRINKS: Ritual Coffee Roasters

Contributing HRFN Writer: MIKE H. (Los Angeles, CA)

There comes a time, as dramatic and brilliantly ostentatious as this may sound, when you always remember your “first.”  First, kiss.  First, car.  First, time you truly appreciate the awe of a—latte.  And I kid you not, there is nothing more gut-wrenching than when you are sorely disappointed to discover that the latte you just ordered is watery and not-cute (think bad date but worse).  But fear not Half Rex Full Nelson readers; nothing redeems a bad date more than an immodest, sweaty make-out sesh with the hottie beseiged with the “bad boy” persona, i.e. Ritual Coffee Roasters. 

I know.  Does bougie lattes scream “bad boy”?  Let’s be honest—not really.  But everlasting addiction, a la Ritual Coffee, not only screams it, but in fact it resonates it into your soul.  Creamy.  Thick.  Warm.  Wait, am I still talking about lattes?

So Half Rex Full Nelson readers, you must make the travel to Northern California to satiate whatever your yearnings may be with a Ritual Coffee latte.  Or for you, Los Angelinos who refuse to leave, rumor has it that Bru in Los Feliz serves Ritual Coffee.  And trust me, I can confirm those rumors.


Mike H.

Ritual Coffee Locations:

1026 Valencia Street

In Flora Grubb Gardens

Hayes Valley

Oxbow Public Market
Bru Coffee Bar

*Logo taken from www.ritual.myshopify.com

October 21, 2011


Hello, Half Rex Full Nelson readers. I don’t think I properly introduced myself. My name is Nelson and my middle name is Rex. To get my mind off the drama of my so-called life (don't worry, I'm perfectly happy now), I started a blog writing about my favorite things (yes, I have a little obsession with Oprah). The first posting, titled Peanutbutterdelicious, was about my love for peanut butter and fixation with the show Unwrapped. Fast-forward (3 years later) – I still love peanut butter and sometimes I catch myself watching old episodes of Double Dare with Marc Summers.  The site hasn’t changed much mainly due to my lack of knowledge in the computer language – HELP! However, I’m still sharing the things I enjoy the most: Fashion, Good-eats, Travel, Arts, and maybe a little Britney.

There are a few big changes coming to Half Rex Full Nelson.  I’ll be video blogging and have contributing writers.  FUN.   

Hope you enjoy HRFN!


Countdown to Robyn: See you tomorrow!

Robyn performing "Call Your Girlfriend" on ELLEN

October 19, 2011

October 18, 2011

Drink: Essentia Water + Bio-K Plus

Essentia Water -
TIME: 2 weeks and counting (*1.5L x 2 Daily)
FEEL: Hydrated and Refreshed
SKIN: Glowing
CONCLUSION: Buy Essentia

Bio-K Plus -
Time: 3 weeks and counting (*daily)
Feeling: Happy
Movement: Regulated and Normal
Conclusion: Buy Bio-K Plus