March 31, 2009

Pine, Noth Headline Farragut North

I just bought tickets to see Chris Pine (Star Trek) and Chris Noth (Sex and the City) starring in the West Coast Premiere of Farragut North at the Geffen Playhouse. The play, written by Beau Willimon and staged by original director, Tony winner Doug Hughes, will open on June 16 and run through July 26.

Plot: Set against the backdrop of a close presidential race, Stephen (Chris Pine) is a young press secretary working for a fast-rising candidate. With confidence and power beyond his years, Stephen is convinced he and seasoned campaign manager, Paul (Chris Noth), can steer his team into the west wing without breaking a sweat. But before the polls close at the primaries, Stephen's perceived invincibility is shattered as he falls prey to backroom politics and the manipulations of veteran operatives.

March 27, 2009

March 25, 2009

Daily Web Fix

If you're like me and have NO time to watch television (maybe I have a few exceptions like LOST, American Idol 2-nighter, 30 Rock, and yes Gossip Girl) you should check out Prime Time in No Time with host/comedian Frank Nicotero (Street Smarts) on Yahoo TV. I find it HILARIOUS. I would definitely ADD it to your Bookmarks Bar.

March 22, 2009

Cookie Obsession Maximum

I would fly to Costa Rica again, just to break open that plastic wrapper and stuff my face with two rolls of these delicious vanilla cookies. I've been in a frenzy searching for them all over the web. No such luck. HELP, anyone?

UPDATE 3/29/09: Thank you Shelp and Rajeev for bringing me back some of these cookies from your trip! I'm treasuring them.

March 21, 2009

The Return of the Clubmaster...

Like Gaspard, I bought a pair of
Ray-Ban Clubmasters and
converted them into my eyeglasses!

UPDATE 3/28/09: I just watched Sunshine Cleaning at Landmark Theaters. Clifton Collins Jr. who plays Winston (the guy with 1 arm) was also wearing the Clubmaster.

SeeVees Pantone

SeeVees + Pantone = Give them to me now.